Greetings, dear seeker!

I’m Eugenia C. Cardenas, your guide on this journey of remembrance. As the founder of The Inner Fuel and the driving force behind Kundalini Inner Cosmos (KIC), I’m honored to share my story with you.

Born and raised amidst the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica, I’ve always been drawn to the energy of nature and the richness of human stories. My passion for travel and cultural immersion led me to pursue a BA in Ecological Tourism, exploring the intricate corners of my homeland.

Seeking new horizons, I found myself in sunny San Diego, California, where I now reside with my husband. The coastal hues and yogic atmosphere of the city opened my heart to group meditation. It was here that I first encountered Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings, which ignited a profound curiosity within me and I became a student of his work.

Attending one of his long week retreats (UK, 2018), I experienced Kundalini energy firsthand, sparking a transformational journey. From that moment on, my mission became clear: to explore and share the impact of this extraordinary encounter with others.

The pivotal Kundalini experience of 2018 sparked a profound shift within me, leading me to seek deeper understanding and share its profound impact. While initially trained as a KAP facilitator with Venant Wong, my journey took a new direction under the ongoing mentorship of Pi Villaraza.

For over six years, I’ve immersed myself in learning and remembering, honoring the ancient wisdom encoded within our bodies.

I believe that this wisdom is awakening inside so many of us in these times of transformation and change, my greatest passion is helping seekers to remember their Ancient Inner Power and heighten their awareness. 

KIC – Kundalini Inner Cosmos was born from the observation that guiding others into the metaphysical realm requires a blend of mystical concepts and a science-based approach. In our KIC sessions, we focus not only on physical manifestations but also on fostering lasting changes in the body and soul system.

In January 2024, a new layer of the vision became reality with the launch of the first generation of KIC facilitators. Today, I integrate a robust framework rooted in sleep theory, cognitive science, and neuroplasticity, along with insights gained from other masters and my own journey as a space holder.

I believe that as seekers of truth, our greatest passion lies in awakening Ancient Inner Power and heightening awareness. Join me on this transformative journey, and let’s explore the depths of Kundalini Inner Cosmos together.


Inner Dance Facilitator Trainings

Turkiye 2023, Online 2024 & Philippines 2024 with Pi Villaraza

KAP Level 1 & 2 Facilitator Trainings

Kundalini Activation Process with Venant Wong 2020 & 2022

200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Great Divine Yoga Flow, California 2024

Star Magic Facilitator Training 

Level 1 Online 2023 with Jerry Sergeant (on-going)

Sound Healer

Life Changing Energy Online (on-going training)

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique  QHHT

Level 1 Online (on-going training)

How Kundalini Activation can RADICALLY transform YOUR LIFE

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